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10 Skull Movies to watch before you become one.

As I a skull lover myself, I have been looking for skull movies to make a list to watch every once and then, and to talk about it with fellow skull lovers.  I already made a list of the 5  famous skulls in history if you want to know more about skulls that are not in movies.   DISCLAIMER: I must add, these movies aren’t Oscar winners okay?, just enjoy the ride.

1. Jason and the Argonauts – 1963

This first skull movie is set in the legendary Greece where a group of adventurers fight against mythological creatures to achieve their quest. These creatures  were built with stop motion animation, and the scene that made this movie famous was when our heroes face a bunch of skeletons created with this special effect.

2. Army of Darkness – 1992

An horror-comedy film, it is about a normal dude that is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon so he can return home. The army of the dead is filled with skeletons and skulls that want to rule the world. This movie is hilarious yet it shows lots of skulls killing and doing their thing. A skull movie indeed.

3. Terminator Franchise – 1984

Machines are sent back to the past  to exterminate the leader of the Resistance, before it’s too late. The model T-101 was built to look and resemble humans, their bones are made exactly as a human skeleton. In the future, massive iron skulls wander around killing and destroying what is left of the resistance group. Definitely a franchise to watch.

4. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 2008

All the Indiana Jones have gratuitous amount of skulls. Even though this movie sucked, the idea and the concept of the movies as pretty good,  is the story of Dr. Jones trying to find the strange artifacts known as the Crystal Skulls. The Crystal Skulls are allegedly from Mesoamerican cultures but in this case they belong to an alien civilization and a bunch of skull movies have depicted them differently. We don’t know how real this could be, but definitely is a good movie to watch.

5. Masters of the Universe – 1987

Skeletor is so far one of the most amazing villains I have seen. He-man and the Masters are a group of intergalactic superheroes facing Skeletor’s hordes and his dream of total domination. Now a days these two barbaric men became a trend, Skeletor is seen dancing at a tv commercial, and a new episode of the cartoon was made to commemorate it’s 30 years in air.  Skeletor, a massive corpulent man with a skull as his face, wants to rule Eternia forever. I recommend to watch the cartoon instead to appreciate the original yellow skull.

6. Ghost Rider – 2007

Another screw up, Ghost Rider tells the story of stunt motorcyclist Johny Blaze, who give his soul to Satan to save his father. At night he becomes a flaming skull riding an awesome chopper bike and throwing chains with fire at ghost and demonic entities.

7. Mortal Kombat – 1995

This skull movie was born out of the famous martial arts game of the same name. The plot follows retired and angry monk Liu Kang, actor Johnny Cage and Lt. Sonya Blade on their journey to kick  ass in order to save Earth to become absorbed by the Outworld, a realm governed by Shao Khan, a massive warrior with a skull helmet.  The game is famous for it’s gory and violent theme, which is shown in the movie. One of the main characters of the game and the movie is Scorpion, a ninja spirit that stayed on Earth after his death to avenge his family and clan. Scorpion is a flaming skull and has a spear attached to him, similar to the face and chains of the Ghost Rider. He also spits fire because he used to eat tacos. Unluckily for you, that’s his favourite way to kill people.

8. The Red Skull in Captain America – 2011

Steve Rogers is the head of the Avengers and the  number 1 superhero in the US. The other is one of the most infamous villains from Marvel comics and the main foe in this movie. Red Skull is a super soldier created by the Nazis and in which Johann Schmidt had his mind implanted. Hitler himself trained him to be the master of terrorism and chaos and, in an effort to fight against him, the US used the leftovers of the same project to give birth to the Captain.

9. Laid to Rest – 2009

We have to add a very nasty horror movie to complete this list. Laid to Rest is a 2009 slasher film that talks about a serial killer whose modus operandi is to send tapes of himself murdering women to the authorities. The serial killer uses a chrome skull mask to cover his face. The second movie was called “ChromeSkull”, go figure.

10. The Skull – 1965

This skull movie is a British horror movie set up in the 1800’s and tells the story of Pierre, a dude who robs the grave of the recently buried Marquis de Sade  with the goal of removing its flesh and leaving the skull (people and their fetishes). It seems the skull has a curse and everyone who toys with it gets fucked. Another classic to the list.

And I leave you with a few skull movies that didn’t make it to the top 5 but are worth mention:

Kong Skull Island – 2017:

A gigantic ape defends his hood from underground monsters and uninvited homo sapiens. Kong Skull Island cast is replete of trendy actors, the soundtrack include tracks from Led Zeppelin  and the especial effects are pretty much epic. The movie is filled with skulls of big extinct animals and humans, monsters and lots of killings. Aside from the Kong’s Skull Island cast, which had very good actors, the movie didn’t show something new, I was expecting Godzilla to fight him.

The Goonies – 1985:

If you have watched “Stranger Things” this movie is going to like you. A team of best friends follow a treasure map from a distant pirate relative called One-Eyed” Willy in order to save their families to be evicted. It became so famous that now is a cult movie.

The Skulls – 2000

A skull secret society called Skull & Bones was popular in the first decade of 2000 and three movies were made inspired by them. The Skull cast is broad and prominent but the movie is crappy with 9% in Rotten Tomatoes.  These film created a small franchise with 3 skull movies made.

There are many other skull movies, have we missed yours? Tell us in the comments below.

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