Tokebi Skulls

5 Famous Skulls in History you didn’t know about.

When we talk about skulls, usually the symbolism is death, danger, caution, etc , in some other cultures like the Mexican or Japanese wearing or having famous skull accessories represent festivity and the path to the other life. Whatever the main reason is, wearing a skull represents something important for each one of us, either respect or fear. Let’s keep this in mind and here is a list of the most famous skulls in history:

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Tokebi Random Shit

Who’s Tokebi the Skull Artist?

Tokebi (Korean: 도깨비 “ddokkaebi”), is a Guatemalan artist, illustrator and university professor, who rose to popularity when his social media channel was discovered by Brann Dailor, drummer of the heavy metal band Mastodon who requested a design for the poster of their UK & Europe 2019 tour. Tokebi is known for his bright neon colors and quirky line work, mixing retro and sci-fi influences, and using skulls and skeletons as main characters. Thanks to social media, most of Tokebi’s career has evolved online, with his artwork being sent as far as Australia, Netherlands, Argentina, Korea and Japan. Most of his work is in the…

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