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Skulls in History: Prime Evil

Prime Evil is the self appointed leader of all the ghosts. This electrical skull lives in the Fifth Dimension and from there he leads the army of ghosts. Prime Evil Skull  is describedas one of the greatest wizards who ever lived. His powers show this power;  in most episodes he’s completely immune to the Ghost Dematerializer. He’s even shown to have the power to dematerialize his henchmen who’ve been affected by the weapon. In the original concept, Prime Evil Skull was designed as a more traditional Grim Reaper-type figure, or at least strongly…

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Top 5 skull villains from the 80’s cartoons

I’m an 80’s man. I born in the eighties, I was a witness of the cartoon evolution. Transformers, G.I.Joe, Ninja Turtles and many others were created in that time, when I was little. By my account, the 80’s were the golden era of cartoons, at least actionwise. I remember many awesome cartoons, half american, half japanese, mostly filled with action and villains from all over the universe and alternate universes.

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