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Skull Fashion Is The Latest Trend

Skull fashion is evolving day by day and that too at a high speed. With the new ideas and designs, inventions are no less than a click away. However, tradition too has an important role in fashion. Giving up on trends is one of the hardest things and the latest trend that anyone wouldn’t consider is skull fashion. Skull fashion is growing day by day and has historical significance attached to it. This is why skull art fashion has become so trendy among the kids.  What is more appealing for…

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Terminator Skull Designs Tokebi
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Skulls in History: Terminator Metal Robot Skull

For the ones living in a cave, the Terminator franchise is one of the biggest there is,  and since 1984 is kicking top box offices records. We won’t speak about that but about the main protagonist, a cyborg from the future made by Skynet, a self-aware artificial intelligence, and was built for infiltration and assassination missions towards the ultimate goal of exterminating the Human Resistance. In the first movie, only a few scenes show the metal skeleton of the T-800. In the future, where the resistance is aware of these…

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