5 creepy places full of skull and bones

Deep hidden in the vaults of history, thousands of skulls, bones and skeletons of religious people, villagers and soldiers are waiting for you to visit and hear their story, skulls and bones scattered around in various places around the world, showing us how easily life can be disrupted by wars, diseases, nature and the evil  of men. In this list we show the most famous yet creepiest places where the skulls and bones are placed representing humanity as a whole.

5. Wamba Ossuary – Spain

Located in Valladolid, Spain, more than 3000 skulls are densely stacked one on top to another creating a wall of skulls and jumble bones. This pile of skeletons is made from skulls people between the 12th and 18th centuries. There is not much information about the origin of these skulls and bones, we only know this place is packed with skull from monks, kids and villagers en general. On top of the skulls, a legend recites in Spanish “As you see yourself, I saw myself, how you see me you’ll see yourself”.


4. Kaplica Czaszek: The Chapel of Skulls

This modest chapel located in Poland has more than 21,000 skeletons stuffed in a crypt, and the skulls and bones of at least 3,000 people that decorate the walls, vaults and ceiling. It is called a sanctuary of silence thanks of the massive amount of skeletons stored in there. This amazing challenge took 18 years and is an idea of the priest and a gravedigger from the church. From 1776 to 1794 they collected as many as 24,000 human skeletons, skull and bones arranged in a “Jolly Roger” style.

3. Skulls decorating at San Bernardino alle Ossa

Another small church with big history. Located in Milan, northern Italy, the chapel was decorated with many skulls and bones since 1210, when they the cemetery ran out of space. The spectacular thing about this ossuary is the way how the walls are covered almost entirely by skulls arranged very meticulously  in niches, pillars, doors and cornices. It is assume the remains are from an hospital near by and cemeteries around the place that could not hold more corpses. If you like this kind of architecture and decorative art, I suggest you to visit my post about the top 5 skull paintings of all times. 

2. Mummified skulls at the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo

Holy molly! One thing is to have bunch of skeletons, skulls and bones as decorations in a church, but having dehydrated bodies of monks, priests and women on racks around corridors is something way creepier. This macabre spectacle born around 1534 when the Capuchin friars excavated below the altar to expand the cemetery, using natural caves to achieve it. After two years, at the time to transfer their brothers’ corpses to this new place, they found 45 bodies mummified naturally. They took them as Relics and hang them on the walls for display. From that day to 1880, thousands of people have been buried here and some of them are lucky to be mummified, and be the center of attention at the catacomb’s anual party. Hooray for you!

1. 6 millions skulls at the Catacombs of Paris

Our choice for number one goes to this place because of its massive size. This grotesque underground ossuary in France has the remains of 6 million people!  Some of these people where transfers from other cemeteries around 1774. France was growing fast and places to bury people were scarce. These massive tunnels beneath the city were reconstructed and all these skulls and bones had a new and steady home. Since then, walls and walls of these tunnels are packed with human remains. Now a days you can still visit 1.2 mile of the 4.2 sq miles these compound has. Do you have the balls?

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