Tokebi the skull artisan:

Tokebi, Guatemalan independent lowbrow and skull digital artist. Exhibitions in Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico and Guatemala.  A mix between pin-up and vintage culture with rockabilly tendencies and an unconditional love to asian culture and mythology.

Tokebi, (도깨비) or Dokkaebi, is a grotesque-looking sprite or goblin of Korean mythology. Tokebi acts as a medium to the Korean people to express their deep desires and wishes.  The Tokebi tends to go out at night to have fun. These creatures love mischief and playing mean tricks on bad people, rewarding good people with wealth and blessings.
– I would like to live doing what I love, that’s why I opened this store. Show me some love, and support independent artists.

About my Skulls: 

I always liked to draw skulls, to the point that I almost got kicked out from my catholic middle school. Now a days I draw skulls with psychedelic colors to represent a modern version of the “Memento Mori” movement,  an artwork designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the shortness and fragility of human life, but always celebrating we are alive and we should enjoy each moment. My skull art has evolved to have it’s own universe where an alien skull civilization space-travel to Earth to scavenge and smuggle mithycal artifacts for their adaptation and future use. A mix of sci-fi, retro-future and vintage space and cowboy art.

  • About my Products:

    – All items are made in the US.
    – Worldwide Shipping.
    Printed On Demand: Items are made only when order is received. An unique piece that only a few will have it. An extra value added to your purchase.