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13 Million Skull Discovered

Scientists have discovered a 13 million years old ape skull, the first time getting a complete skull as well. Avery tiny skull was discovered and belongs to a new species of ape, an old monkey ancestor, living on Earth 25 million years ago, in the Miocene epoch.

National Geographic scientists are happy for this discovery, apes live in forest areas, which makes difficult the fossilization process, therefore this little skull came as a stroke of luck.

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Skulls and Bones E3 2017 Trailer and Gameplay

Jolly Roger Skull

Skulls and Bones is the latest game from Ubisoft Singapore and tells the story of a bunch of pirates on a maritime warfare. Even though is not related directly with skulls only by name, pirate’s Jolly Roger is one of the most importan icons or at least one of the most famous skull icons and skull emblems in history. You can read about the Jolly Roger skull flag in this article

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5 creepy places full of skull and bones

Deep hidden in the vaults of history, thousands of skulls, bones and skeletons of religious people, villagers and soldiers are waiting for you to visit and hear their story, skulls and bones scattered around in various places around the world, showing us how easily life can be disrupted by wars, diseases, nature and the evil  of men. In this list we show the most famous yet creepiest places where the skulls and bones are placed representing humanity as a whole. Continue reading 5 creepy places full of skull and bones

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5 Skull Art paintings in history you must know about

As long as written word has existed, tales where skulls played at least a tiny part in humankind history are only natural. For ages skulls are associated with death and evil in most parts of the world, while in other smaller regions  is associated with life and celebration. Doesn’t matter what role a skull has partaken in history, the representation of skulls in human art has been notorious, being skull art one of  most famous or infamous in history.

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Top 5 skull villains from the 80’s cartoons

I’m an 80’s man. I born in the eighties, I was a witness of the cartoon evolution. Transformers, G.I.Joe, Ninja Turtles and many others were created in that time, when I was little. By my account, the 80’s were the golden era of cartoons, at least actionwise. I remember many awesome cartoons, half american, half japanese, mostly filled with action and villains from all over the universe and alternate universes.

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5 Famous Skulls in History you didn’t know about.

When we talk about skulls, usually the symbolism is death, danger, caution, etc , in some other cultures like the Mexican or Japanese wearing or having famous skull accessories represent festivity and the path to the other life. Whatever the main reason is, wearing a skull represents something important for each one of us, either respect or fear. Let’s keep this in mind and here is a list of the most famous skulls in history: Continue reading 5 Famous Skulls in History you didn’t know about.