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The Love For Skull Wall Art

For ancient times, humans have used skulls as decorative artifacts, symbols of triumph, honor, glory, success against a rival clan or tribe, or simply to show no fear against death itself. Now a days we still have that love for skulls and always as a representation of our emotions. Thanks to that, skull wall art is always booming. Now a days the lowbrow art movement with its cultural roots that came from pulp comics, punk music, tiki culture, pop culture and street-culture itself, entangles a new wave or skull wall art representation, mostly very vividly, inviting to celebrate skulls in a more urban fashion, rather that the main representation of death. We can see these colorful representations in Mexican Sugar Skulls, the Día de los Muertos itself, filled with bright psychedelic colors and flowers from all species and colors.
Skull Wall Art








Memento Mori as the start of the skull wall art.

Coming from Latin: “remember that you have to die”, memento-mori  is a medieval kind alert to pace down your hedonism, implying that doesn’t matter how much wealth or success you could achieve in your life, you will die eventually. Many artist from the time spent their time drawing skull wall art for the elite while in others like in Mexico it became even a phenomena in literature and other arts. Skull Wall Art is since then a nice revelation in art, describing a path all living entities must go through, simply reminding us that we are at the end, nothing.
skull wall art

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