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Why Skull Art? Why I chose skulls as my art

Why skull art? Why so many of your art is with skulls?

I don’t know why, but since I was a little boy I always found skulls and skull art very attractive. I studied in a catholic school, maybe the fear of death which it’s imposed by the bible’s lectures (I always have feared God, God to me represents death) made me curious about skulls. Art that involved death, was fascinating to me (I’m not a goth, I don’t even dress black)Bruegel’s The Triumph of Death of  for example, or Bosch’s The last Judgment to name a few. I used to draw hells and netherworlds with skeletons with wings flying around, or with several limbs just chilling. My skull art was aberrated by my school friends and hated by my teachers. I had to remake several projects because the “Topic” I choose, was not accepted.

Skull art
Tokebi Skull art

“I had to return to my skull art, I lost my way for a long time”

Like I said, I like Skull art, but it reminded hidden for a while. After moving to Korea, I started drawing more often, trying to figure out what should be my style and topic, to craft it to perfection, some skull art started flying around in pieces  I made while I was bored waiting for the bus or browsing online.

Many cultures have respect to the skull and what it represents, that we only can live one day at the time.  My art is not to cause that feeling, but otherwise, it represents my psychedelic view of society, only the tough survives, the odd and and the creepy the awesome, the strange.

If you like skulls or any related theme, take a look to my store, commissions also welcome. Also, you can check my article about the top 10 skull movies to watch if you are still interested in some bones stuff.

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