Tokebi the Skull Artist brings you “Chuck Skull and the Conquerors of the Tarantula Nebula” Wall art

In a far far nebula known as Tarantula, a vast civilization of skull humanoids reigns across it. Planets similar to our deserts with miles of dry canyons,  sand dunes and very acidic skies governs the landscape.  The most precious stone is called the “Great Femur” because of its rare form, a precious unique stone with mechanical regeneration and unlimited energy. The Great Femur resides inside the Cromagnon, the remains of a gigantic skull spirit travelling through the galaxy, millions of years before.  Entire colonies of skulls live around this amazing planet-corpse and extract the greenish mineral.  Chuck Skull is a vigilante of this sector. His mission is to keep peace among the colonies, kicking the shit out of anyone with douchebaggery issues.

Our skull wall art poster is printed in museum-like quality, made on thick, durable, matte paper. A statement in any room. These puppies are printed on archival, acid-free paper.
18×24 Inches of pure glory! For any skull aficionado, a spaghetti-western space opera mashup.

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