Macabre Tours Vintage Skull Poster

“Macabre Tours, the best tours in the Galaxy. Travel inside the most beautiful destroyed and out of order zeppelins from the first World War on Planet Earth. Enjoy your ride with the company of thousands of ghosts that died on these zeppelins. The best paranomal-traveling in the Galaxy.”

This skull poster was made inspired in the Hindenburg, the famous zeppelin that exploded after the first world war. I didn’t know that zeppelins were actually something big at that time, widely and commonly used. This alien skull poster will fit perfectly in a bar or studio, one of those unique drawings that you would have in your pub or room that nobody will else have. A mix between vintage alien posters and retro futurism with psychedelic colors.
Enhanced Matte Paper Poster. A statement in any room. This matte, museum-quality skull poster is printed on durable, archival paper of the best quality. Printed On the US.

I customize the text inside. Please send me an email with your request. (additional $10 fee).