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The skull lady we all love, La Santa Muerte

We discussed a little bit what La Santa Muerte or Holy Death was in our article about the 5 most famous skulls. La Santa Muerte is a goddess of death worshipped primary in Mexico and some areas of United States. She is associated with healing and protection, for those who seek her help. Several pre-columbian cultures had respect and reverence towards death, mostly portrayed by a skull,  such as the god Ah Puch from the Mayan Mythology, or the Holy Death or Santa Muerte in Mexico by the Mexica culture.

In Mexico, the Mexica culture depicted death as a woman decorated with flags and flowers. This goddess is connected to the sacred Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos, a Mexican – Guatemalan celebration after the 31st of October. This holiday is to represent the love to our ancestors and the reverence for our ancient forefathers and the mythology they once revered.

La santa muerte en mexico
La santa muerte en mexico

Known as the “Flaca” or the skinny, Santa Muerte Skull is not recognised by the catholic church, yet her popularity as a saint of healing properties has grown exponentially. This cult for this skull lady has crossed the Mexican borders and found a place to stay in the US.  The Santa Muerte Skull is popular within drug dealers, and drug runners, sicarios, prostitutes, mexican prisoners and gang members, a saint for all the outlaws that are looking for any kind of salvation.

Santa Muerte Santuario Tokebi

The bony lady now a days not only means hope to those who are living outside society standards, but also has become a new “Mona Lisa”. Artists like Tokebi, and others who like gory and creepy themes have taken the Santa Muerte as their own goddess, a goddess of art and ethnic representation. This skull has been drawn and painted in several forms and with different meanings. As an artist, the Santa Muerte is now a days an icon of the new Pop-Art.

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