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A Brief History of Skull Art by Tokebi the Skull Artist

Skull Art has been part of the Human Civilization since times we can’t concur and they’ve represented various important moments in our lives. Let’s take a look at how the skull art has evolved since then.

Skull art isn’t something which is a new idea. The idea of skull art had been prevalent for a long time just not in notice. Although skulls were a part of the decoration for a long time, it is not before any recent epoch that it gained immense popularity. This is called a memento mori, an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death.

Brick and Skull: Achievements.

Back in the ancient days, skulls were used to decorate houses in Middle East. Nonetheless, since writing wasn’t quite developed, the symbols behind them remain unknown. In other certain countries skulls of the defeated soldiers also became a sign of victory, an example could also be the immense importance of skulls in the Mexican culture represented in skull art, this is because it is a symbol related to the Day of the Dead which is very important to the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Back in the 1920s, the artists of America also introduced the culture of experimenting with skull art.

Mayan Skull Sculpture

During World War II, skull art was a symbol that became an essential imagery for improving the propaganda. Hitler had been using posters and imagery of skulls to scare and threaten. By the usage of skulls during World War II, artists became immensely inspired by the concept of skull art and the new wave started. It became an important part of t-shirts, pop culture, accessories and so on. Mostly, metal bands had been using the skill part.

Nazi Skull Flyer, Second World War

In the previous few decades, skulls have become an important part of the culture. In today’s generation, a number of accessories are found in the shops. It is to be noted that skulls are a part of every important culture. Right from furniture to beddings, and all the other essential house belongings have skull imprinted on them in some areas of the world without implying anything esoteric or religiously attached. Skull art and fashion are in tremendous demand among teenagers. Also, skeleton lined, skull lined dresses are also available for the kids.

Andy Warhol’s “Skull” 1970

Skull tattoos have gained immense popularity. Most people use or wear skull tattoos as statements rather than just clothes. Skull art or designs are an intense part of the Mexican culture. There are several kinds of tattoo designs for skulls. These may have their own significance. Skull art isn’t limited, it’s expanding day by day. Customized jewelry too are made of skulls. Some of them may be gem stuffed or have crude designs or just a piece of clothing. These vibrant skulls have used since the generations will never fail to amaze you. Skull art is only growing day by day with the introduction of more skull artists coming to the field. 

Skull Art on Skin

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