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Killer Instinct Skull Designs

Skulls In History: Killer Instinct Crazy Skull Spinal

Tokebi Skull Spine Killer instinct Spinal is the famous skull character in the old but genius 94’s video game “Killer Instinct”.  An animated skull skeleton, Spinal was reanimated by the villain company Ultratech through cell regeneration but it was destroyed by another character, Chief Thunder in the first tournament; however, Gargos had a Spinal of his own in the past. The Skull Spinal fights for vengeance and his freedom. In the first Killer Instinct, Spinal is the third-last opponent in single-player mode; with a sword and shield, he can teleport and change himself into a grayscale version of his opponents during combos. Spinal is a  legendary ancient skull warrior over 2000 years ago, trapped in the new world, he has no choice but to obey orders despite his reluctance, and to make things worse, he begins to suffer tormenting flashbacks to the ancient life he can never quite remember. After the awe and wonder he inspired when first unveiled to the public this year, the Skull Spinal finds himself in the shadow of Ultratech’s latest creations (Fulgore, Riptor, etc.) and, filled with resentment, he sets out to prove his worth.

Tokebi Skull Spinal Killer Instinct Tshirt

The Skull Spinal is a complete maniac, having been driven insane by the wild pull of the Mask of the Ancients over the hundreds of years since his death. The Skull cackles with glee in the midst of battle, enjoying combat to a disturbing extent. He no longer speaks and has a very one-track mind, always pursuing his prized Mask so that he may be granted great powers and freedom. Upon finally locating the artifact and finding it drained of its powers, however, he flies into a rage and begins a global crusade to find the culprit. Vía Killer Instinct Wiki


Since 1994 to the last Killer Instinct in 2013, the Skull Spinal has been modified a few times. In this video we can see the graphic evolution.

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