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Skulls in History: Terminator Metal Robot Skull

Tokebi Skulls Terminator
For the ones living in a cave, the Terminator franchise is one of the biggest there is,  and since 1984 is kicking top box offices records. We won’t speak about that but about the main protagonist, a cyborg from the future made by Skynet, a self-aware artificial intelligence, and was built for infiltration and assassination missions towards the ultimate goal of exterminating the Human Resistance.

In the first movie, only a few scenes show the metal skeleton of the T-800. In the future, where the resistance is aware of these models, the T-800 and T-850 the organic skin and other enhancements aren’t needed thus the armies of the chrome skull are seeing everywhere on the movie killing all the resistance and chilling. The Terminator, a metal skull with a engineered endoskeleton, had a few updates since their first appearance in 1984.  New advancements can be seeing in the next movies, such as battery upgrades, CPU upgrades, lifespan upgrades until the creation of the lastest skull terminator, a terminator bulkier in size and without the need of a organic camouflage.

The skull from terminator and it’s red led lights are so famous worldwide, one can buy dimmed red lights to imitate the skull machine. In a rating of 100 Heroes & Villains made by the American Film Institute the Terminator takes two positions at once — № 48 as the hero and № 22 as the villain. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself presented this on television. Another good skull in time.

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