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Space Skull Cowboys Chapter 1: IRKALLA

Before entering the Asteroid Belt, right behind Mars, a clash between a giant asteroid and a dying star created an anomaly, a small portal to another dimension. The portal opens a door to the dimension called “Irkalla” or hell for the Sumerian Civilization, where “Nergal” is awaiting for the dead to stay there.

The Underworld, the church calls it Hell, the Mayans called it Xibalbá, the Shintoists calls it Yomi, the Martians calls it Abissmol, they are the same and the name is Irkalla. Irkalla is like any other a universe but filled with the undead. Each of the alien species in our universe unbeknownst to them have their undead replenish this universe. The difference resides of its density. When somebody dies, the flesh is eaten by worms or absorbed by the elements but what we call “Soul” which is pure energy, transforms into light that dissolves and returns again to life inside Irkalla. The entities dwelling in Irkalla are less dense than any mortal, no need for real fresh, therefore the universe as wells is less dense, which makes it almost impossible to track with modern tools. And because nobody has seen it, is just a myth mixed with theories of astronomical events that can’t be explained with our technology.

The anomaly opens a portal between Irkalla and the Milky Way every once and then, hidden in the shadows of the dark side of Mars, the portal remained a secret for millions of years, until recently when a relatively new necro-civilization arrived and discovered the bridge.

Irkalla is made of black-matter or anti-matter which is what we call “Nothing” or empty space, but for them is part of their daily living. Thanks to this property, Irkalla civilizations can play with dark magic, brujería, santería, voodoo and other practices and used them to conquer, build, and expand. The union of all these disciplines is called Necromancy and we will be talking a lot about it in the next chapters.

Earth is just sending their first people to the moon but some alien civilizations already traveled as far as our planet and remain hidden studying us, watching us, dissecting us and we don’t know nothing about it, silly humans pretending they know everything, attributing these experiments to nature and the will of the gods, without knowing the same gods they pray about are the same aliens returning over and over again to see us, to watch us, to play with us, like puppets. Pretty soon, we would need a seriously advanced “hero” because not even the best army guy on Earth could see this coming.

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