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A Brief History of Skull Art by Tokebi the Skull Artist

Skull art isn’t something which is a new idea. The idea of skull art had been prevalent since a long time just not in notice. Although skulls were a part of decoration since a long time, it is not before any recent time that it gained immense popularity. Back in the ancient days, skulls were used to decorate houses in Middle East. Nonetheless, since writing wasn’t quite developed, the symbols behind them remain unknown. But in certain countries, over the time, skulls of the defeated soldiers also became a sign…

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Tokebi Random Shit

Ancestors Drilled Holes in Skulls

Our ancestors penetrated each other skulls and we are just discovering what was the possible reasons of such procedure. Is called trepanation and is forming a hole in the skull of a person alive by cutting, scrapping or drilling layers of bone. Trepanation in skulls is something that has been done across Earth, thousands of skulls with signals or trepanation have been discovered. The causes of these phenomena in skulls is widely unknown, some scientists suggest it was performed to treat pain. It have had the purpose of treating skull…

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