Who am I?

I am Tokebi, the skull artist.

Tokebi – Guatemalan Artist. He likes a good drink, a good herb and good company when hustling at night but he seeks solitude whenever he can. Tokebi the artist enjoys Asian mythology and Japanese culture. As an artist he wishes to return back soon to Asia to get more ideas for his art, but thanks to exploring the Mayan ghostly inhabitants and mythology, he is currently living in Guatemala.

This site is not only for showing my art. It is also to show cool stuff I like. It’s not a only a name, it’s a lifestyle. A mix between the pin-up and vintage culture with rockabilly tendencies and a unconditional love to asian related stuff. Asian looking monsters, skulls, pin-up girls, and other sprites. Ghosts, demons, ghouls and the undead are part of his gang. I know there are a lot of creatures on the www who share the things I like. Do you want a unique art for yourself? E-mail me, Commissions available for t-shirts or any other print type.

Tokebi, (도깨비) or Dokkaebi, is a grotesque-looking sprite or goblin of Korean mythology. Tokebi acts as a medium to the Korean to express their deep desires and wishes.  The Tokebi tends to go out at night to have fun. These creatures love mischief and playing mean tricks on bad people, rewarding good people with wealth and blessings. 

Welcome to my site. For contact please write him to iamtokebi at gmail dot com